Cabrach Community Enterprise Family Fun Open Day!
03 September 2011

You are invited to the Cabrach Family Fun Open Day on

SATURDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER from 12 ‘till 5pm

The theme of the day is “working together to achieve community regeneration”

The new aspiring social enterprise; the Cabrach Community Enterprise Ltd. would very much like you to attend and enjoy the simply stunning beauty, sample local business products and see what delights the Cabrach has to offer!

There will be an assortment of fun games and activities for adults and children with traditional stalls, games, face painting and refreshments; including a BBQ of fresh Cabrach venison (provided by Cabrach and Glenfiddich Estate), healthy fruit kebabs, home bakes and FREE whisky tasting (provided by Glenfiddich Distillery)!

As part of our plan to gain Dark Sky Investigation Site status, SIGMA Morays local astronomy club will present a breath taking live event at 3pm. The Cabrach will be linked directly to a mountain top 450km north west of Sydney, Australia to the Faulkes telescope which can detect objects more than 100,000 times fainter than can be seen with the naked eye and produce images in minutes rather than hours needed by amateur astronomers!

You can take a leisurely trip through the Cabrach past at our heritage display and slide show and there will be the opportunity to take a dip into the Cabrach future with Infinergy, using a landscape modelling programme to show potential community regeneration benefits from

renewable energy and Glasgow School of Art, Centre for Design Innovation is offering interactive activities to capture your ideas to create a future vision for the Cabrach!

Sit back and relax as “Earthtime” an environmental enterprise provide FREE fun and creative activities for kids while you feast your senses on traditional music from renowned local musicians Jimmy Forbes, Andy McCormack and Alison Gillies; all of this in one of the most remote and beautiful settings in Moray!

How can you resist? If you are free on Saturday 3rd, come along, bring your family and friends and have a jolly good day out!


Warmest wishes from the Cabrach Community Enterprise and all our supporters: Glenfiddich Distillery, Infinergy Ltd, Cabrach and Glenfiddich Estate. LEADER, HIE, Scottish Government and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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