Infinergy secures CfD’s for Scottish projects
26 February 2015

The Department of Energy and Climate Change announced today that in the first allocation round of Contracts for Difference in the UK, Infinergy secured a contract for its 177MW Dorenell Wind Farm at a level of £82.50. 

Infinergy’s Managing Director Esbjorn Wilmar said: “We are content that we secured CfD’s for our Dorenell project. Infinergy can now move forward confidently to deliver either the consented scheme or the revised scheme which is currently in the planning system and would deliver over a third more energy from the site. We agree with DECC that the auction outcome delivers a good result for the consumer. However this project benefit from high wind speeds and economies of scale and might therefore not be representative for the onshore wind industry as a whole”.

Mr Wilmar continued: “To keep costs down independent renewable energy companies like us need a stable policy environment to foster confidence, to reduce the cost of investment and to ensure an affordable, clean and secure energy supply”.

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